Author: Jeff Larson

10 Pool Care Ideas You Should Try This Season

A pool in your backyard is great to enjoy and relax after a day of work. Pool owners need to maintain and take care of the pool to keep it clean and refreshing. Maintaining a pool is not as difficult one might think. Pools often get hazy and unhygienic if not maintained and cleaned, even if left idle for a month. If you have a pool in your house, you can always contact a pool service agency to take care of your pool, but still, there are some things you need to do yourself. You should try these ten...

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Increasing Your Property Value With a New Roof

The style of your roof can be as unique as your home. When trying to understand your roof or looking to replace your roof, it is important to know the different styles that roofs often come in. Most often the styles available are dependent on the climate you live in. There are many different styles of roof that you can turn to depending on your climate. Colder climates may turn to an atypical tin roof whereas warm climates may turn towards a flat roof style. Not only is their a difference in the style of roof and materials used,...

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When Does a Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Deciding when the best time to replace your roof isn’t always easy. A roof can need to be replaced for many reasons, some of which are not easy to spot from looking at it. Age of the Roof The largest factor in determining this is the age of the roof. Every roof has a lifespan that needs to be recorded. Roofs usually last for around 25 to more than 30 years before they need to be replaced. It is important that despite their relatively long lifespan, that they get inspected regularly for potential maintenance. That doesn’t mean they don’t...

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The Many Parts of a Roof

The roof on your house is one of the most important aspects of your home. Your roof has a very important job, perhaps one of the most important in your home: protect you from the elements. If you have noticed your roof looks like it needs attention it is best to look into it further rather than leave it for later. While it may seem like a daunting task, leaving a problem roof can cost you big in the long run. Roofs are expensive if they need to be redone as they require a lot of knowledge and skill...

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How to Choose Builders, Contractors & Remodeling Pros

Once you’ve decided to do a project to improve your home, the first challenge will be selecting the right contractor. This often confuses even the savviest of homeowners. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Turning to “neighborhood” web sites or social media for advice doesn’t provide the full picture. You can be certain that at least some of the info is biased. Believe it or not, many reviews on the internet are fake (hopefully that’s not a revelation).  Often someone will recommend a service provider for one task, based on their experience in a completely different task. Our...

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