A pool in your backyard is great to enjoy and relax after a day of work. Pool owners need to maintain and take care of the pool to keep it clean and refreshing. Maintaining a pool is not as difficult one might think. Pools often get hazy and unhygienic if not maintained and cleaned, even if left idle for a month.

If you have a pool in your house, you can always contact a pool service agency to take care of your pool, but still, there are some things you need to do yourself. You should try these ten pool care tips to maintain and keep it sparkling clean all the times.

Skim the Debris from Your Pool

Skimming the debris from the surface of a pool is essential to keep the water clean all the time. If you don’t skim the debris regularly, it will sink into the pool, and it becomes difficult to remove it. You can use a long-handled hand skimmer to remove the unwanted debris, bugs, and leaves from the water. Cleaning the debris from the water also helps the circulation system work more effectively.

Clean the Filters Regularly

Filters remove the dirt, leaves and many unwanted things from the pool water. The filters installed in your pool require cleaning at regular intervals. Every filter is different and requires a specific maintenance process to clean. If you clean the filter on your own, you should read their manual and follow the instructions. If you use the pool frequently, you should clean the filters at least once a week, so that they perform their task effectively.

Clean the Walls and Tiles of the Pool

The sides of the pool also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the formation of algae. You need to brush the walls and tiles of the pool to minimize the calcium deposits and algae. Also, you should use a soft brush to clean the tiles. A soft brush takes time to clean the tiles, but it does not leave scratches or degrade the grout between the tiles. Use a pool tile cleaner to clean the walls and tiles of the pool.

Use a Pool Vacuum to Clean the Pool Surface

You should get your pool vacuumed to clean its surface once in a week or ten days. Vacuuming of the pool keeps the water clean and prevents the formation of algae on the pool surface. It is essential to check the filter of the vacuum every time and clean it if it requires cleaning. Also, you should add some algaecide to prevent the formation of algae on the surface and walls.

Maintain the pH Levels

You need to maintain the pH level (alkalinity) of your pool water. The pH level of the water in your pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH level of the water is higher than 7.8, you need to add some sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid to reduce the alkalinity. If the pH level of water is less than 7.2, you should add sodium carbonate to increase it. Maintaining proper pH level also protects the pool equipment from corrosion.

Check the Chlorine Levels

It is essential to check the chlorine levels of the pool water as chlorine kills the harmful germs in water. The chlorine level should always be between 1 part per million and 3 parts per million. If the salt water chlorinator level is less than 1ppm, you need to add some chlorine to maintain its level in the pool water.

Regular Checking of Chemicals

The regular checking of chemical levels and unwanted matter in water is essential for pool maintenance. You should check the levels of chlorine, alkalinity, and acids in the water and add the chemicals as required. Test the chemicals with a testing kit by filling it with a sample of pool water and comparing the colors of the sample with the colors given on the kit.

Super Chlorination of Your Pool

Sometimes when you party at your pool, the water becomes more hazy and cloudy with a lot of debris and bacteria. You need to give a shock treatment to your pool to clean the water. Shock treatment also known as super chlorination means adding chlorine more than the normal levels to kill the germs and clear the contaminants. You should follow the instructions on the shock treatment kit before super chlorinating your pool.

Heat the Pool & Save on Chemicals

You can improve your pool in two ways by using a solar pool cover. A solar pool cover can help to heat your pool and help to retain the heat that your system produces. This can massively reduce your cost to heat the pool. Solar pool covers also reduce evaporation, keeping the water in your pool and reducing the loss of chemicals to the sun. This is a very cost effective way to improve your pool this summer.

Final Words

Maintaining your pool is essential to enjoy using it in all the seasons. Checking the levels of chemicals and water will help you maintain the water free from bacteria and germs. Regular cleaning of filters, surface, and walls of the pool helps you to keep the water sparkling clean. Whether you use your pool regularly or occasionally, you need to spend time and money to maintain it.